Even people who never worked around asbestos were exposed.

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Many people that worked in construction or any industrial job before the mid-1980s had occupational exposure to asbestos, a group of fibrous minerals used in buildings and industries of all kinds.

Asbestos was banned because it causes disease, including cancer.

But many people living with a family member exposed on the job were also exposed. This is called second-hand asbestos exposure.

Asbestos fibers and dust brought into the home or family vehicle cause all the same diseases caused by occupational (primary) exposure, including mesothelioma and other types of cancer.

But asbestos compensation funds will pay people with second-hand asbestos disease to help with medical bills and other costs.

BILLIONS of dollars in asbestos compensation are UNCLAIMED, because people don’t know they can qualify.

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What is the Easiest Way to Get Asbestos Compensation?


What is Secondary Asbestos Exposure?

Primary asbestos exposure happens when someone works with or around asbestos.

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Second-hand asbestos exposure happens when a person with primary exposure accidentally carries asbestos fibers on their work clothes, hair, skin or tools into the household or family vehicle, exposing others.

  • 1 in 5 cases of asbestos diseases were caused by second-hand asbestos exposure.1
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Many asbestos illnesses are life threatening.

Don’t wait to find out if you may have damage to your lungs and respiratory system. If you have already developed health problems, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

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    Which Asbestos Claim Gets the Fastest Results?

    Three reasons why people don’t realize they were exposed to asbestos as children:

    Asbestos has no taste or smell.
    Microscopic Asbestos Fiber
    Asbestos fibers are tiny, and many are invisible without an electronic microscope.
    Asbestos disease usually takes at least 20 years to appear, and can take as long as 50 years.
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    Cigarette smokers wrongly assume asbestos had nothing to do with their lung cancer.
    • Smokers are 10 times more likely to develop lung cancer.2
    • Smokers with asbestos exposure are 50 times as likely.3

    What are asbestos trusts?

    Did your parent or family member work in these industries before the mid-1980s?

    Industrial Industrial Industrial
    Mining / Milling
    Pipe Fitting
    Industrial Industrial Industrial
    Iron workers
    Brake Repair
    Gasket Repair
    Industrial Industrial Industrial

    Learn more about second-hand asbestos exposure.

    Did you wash your spouse’s work clothing before the mid-1980s?

    Have you had your X-ray examined for asbestos scarring?

    • A radiologist must be certified as a B-Reader in order to determine that a chest X-ray shows asbestos damage.

    Can Minor Occasional Second-hand Asbestos Exposure be Dangerous?

    Did you know?

    • People with second-hand asbestos exposure can recover money from asbestos compensation trusts, without filing a lawsuit.
    • One in five women with mesothelioma were homemakers who never spent time in an industrial worksite.
    • In 2018, the Supreme Court ruled that second-hand asbestos exposure is a real problem and people injured by it can recover money from the asbestos industry?

    “It has been repeatedly and consistently demonstrated in the medical and scientific literature that family members exposed to asbestos dust from laundering a worker’s clothing have a significantly increased risk of developing mesothelioma.”

    -U.S. Supreme Court, 2018.

    Air and Liquid Systems Corp. v. DeVries, 139 S. Ct. 986, 586 U.S., 203 L. Ed. 2d 373 (2019).


    What exactly is Asbestos and why is it dangerous?

    Asbestos is a mineral, a rock that comes from the ground. Asbestos was used in thousands of products, buildings and vehicles because of its durability.


    The word asbestos means indestructible.
    The ancient Greeks gave asbestos its name, because it does not easily:
    Burn Burn Melt Melt Corrode/Rust Corrode Dissolve Corrode Evaporate Corrode

    Asbestos also resists ELECTRICITY and SOUND, and is used as an insulator for heat, wire, and acoustics.

    • For many years, asbestos sound-proofing was used in some recording studios.

    Asbestos can be easily crumbled into fibers. Asbestos fibers can be…

    woven into a fireproof fabric
    fireproof fabric

    sprayed on walls or products
    sprayed on walls or products

    mixed with other materials
    mixed with other materials

    …making them more resistant to heat, flame, sound, acids, electricity and corrosion.

    The European Emperor Charlemagne was said to have had an asbestos tablecloth.

    After a meal, he’d impress his guests by throwing it into the fire.

    The European Emperor Clip Art

    When it was removed, it would be glistening and clean..

    Can You Wash Clothes That Have Been Exposed To Asbestos?

    Old Washing Machine

    Spouses and others in the vehicle or household were exposed.

    • Anyone who cleaned asbestos-tainted clothes is at the greatest risk.

    How long do asbestos diseases take to appear?

    Asbestos fibers can become embedded in your lungs, stomach or other parts of your body. Asbestos fibers are durable, and over time they cause damage and scarring that leads to asbestos-related illnesses, including cancer.

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    Studies show there is no safe level of asbestos exposure, and people have developed asbestos-related illnesses 40, 50 or in some cases even 70 years after they were first exposed.45

    The health risks of asbestos exposure can include:


    Cancer of the mesothelium, the thin layer of tissue surrounding the body’s organs. Caused almost exclusively by asbestos exposure.

    Lung cancer

    Laryngeal cancer

    Cancer of the larynx – section of the throat called the voicebox.

    Ovarian cancer

    Stomach cancer

    Colon cancer

    Pharyngeal cancer


    A chronic lung disease associated with asbestos exposure.

    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)


    Collapsed lung

    Pleural effusion

    Collection of fluid around the lungs

    Pericardial effusion

    Collection of fluid around the heart

    In studies of asbestos disease, 1 in 5 cases of asbestos deaths were caused by secondary or “take-home” asbestos exposure.6

    Treating asbestos-related illnesses can involve expensive hospital bills and medications, as well as lost wages and limitations in your lifestyle. But compensation is available for spouses, household members and others with illnesses affected by their secondary exposure to asbestos. Speak to an experienced asbestos attorney to understand your options.

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