Getting compensation for an asbestos-related illness does not always mean that you have to go to court and battle it out. In fact, that is not even the most common way to receive compensation. Here’s what you should know about the advantages of other pathways to receive compensation for diseases related to asbestos exposure, as well as which option is the fastest and easiest one available to you.


If you may have been exposed to asbestos, even when you were a child, speak to your healthcare provider about tests and screening to help detect the presence of asbestos fibers and enfermedades relacionadas con el asbesto.

Asbestos Exposure 101

For decades, the general public was unaware of the exposure risks associated with asbestos. As far as the average person was concerned, the pervasive presence of asbestos in the industrial world as well as the home seemed to indicate that it was virtually harmless. Unfortunately, the industry knew of the health risks associated with asbestos long before that information became public knowledge.

The issue of asbestos exposure and the ability to pursue a pathway to compensation is not based on how often you have been exposed to asbestos or even the exact way that exposure took place.

“Por lo general, quienes desarrollan enfermedades relacionadas con el asbesto no muestran signos de enfermedad durante mucho tiempo después de la exposición”.

Fuente: Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NIH)1

Don’t Put Your Head In The Sand: Asbestos is Still With Us

We no longer live in an era where the truth about asbestos is suppressed. Instead, anyone with internet access can find the most up-to-date resources related to the medical dangers of asbestos exposure. Researchers are discovering more ways that this once-considered “miracle mineral” proves to be a detriment to health when exposed. 

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Exposure Criteria is Less Complex Than You May Think

And while ongoing research is needed to connect asbestos exposure to certain types of cancer or uncommon illnesses, research has proven that there is a basic truth about asbestos exposure,  one that everyone should know: there is no hay nivel seguro of asbestos exposure. In other words, any kind of asbestos exposure is asbestos exposure. 

In the grand scheme of things, especially when it comes to seeking compensation for an asbestos illness, It doesn’t matter how someone was exposed and it doesn’t matter how long they were exposed.

“Algunas fibras de asbesto pueden pasar por alto... las defensas naturales de su cuerpo... y alojarse en lo profundo de sus pulmones. Esas fibras pueden permanecer en su lugar durante mucho tiempo y es posible que nunca se eliminen”.

Fuente: Asociación Americana del Pulmón

Secondary Asbestos Exposure: Families of Industrial Workers

Secondary Exposure is Still Exposure

This is one of the most important factors when it comes to instances of secondary asbestos exposure. People may think that if you have been exposed to asbestos fibers because of someone else, it somehow disqualifies you from filing for a claim. However, this is not true. 

Exposición secundaria is still exposure. These issues are not graded on a scale in court or in options that serve as alternatives to lawsuits. Instead, there only needs to be evidence that supports these claims.

“It has been repeatedly and consistently demonstrated in the medical and scientific literature that family members exposed to asbestos dust from laundering a worker’s clothing have a significantly increased risk of developing mesothelioma.

-U.S. Supreme Court, 2018.

Air and Liquid Systems Corp. v. DeVries,139 S. Ct. 986, 586 U.S., 203 L. Ed. 2d 373 (2019).

What is Required in “Proof”?

Evidence is an important component of receiving asbestos compensation, regardless if you are in the midst of a lawsuit or if you are seeking other forms of compensation that don’t involve filing a lawsuit. Unlike the standard of proof that exists in criminal courts, there is only the requirement of “more likely than not”, which is another way of describing a preponderance of the evidence. This essentially points to the ability to establish liability, including the compelling case of lay witnesses, documentary evidence, and expert witnesses.

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Descubra rápida y fácilmente cómo estuvo expuesto buscando en WARD, la base de datos de asbesto más grande del planeta.

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Other Forms of Asbestos Compensation (Not a Lawsuit)

Options “Outside” of Court

While these options can sometimes yield a higher degree of compensation, lawsuits are not as reliable (or as quick) as other options. Other forms of compensation prove to be a much easier process overall. These include the following (and more), with a basic comparison:

  • Trust Fund Claims– considered the quickest and easiest way to file a claim related to an asbestos illness. Does not waive your right to file a lawsuit in addition.
  • Reclamaciones de compensación laboral– strict time-frame limit and can waive your right to file a lawsuit.
  • Reclamaciones de Veteranos– This may apply to veterans and family members of veterans. Can be one of the slowest processes to receive compensation since it involves dealing with a federal government agency.
  • Social Security Claims– As with the example of the VA, social security claims can often be time-consuming. Submitting a claim under the compassionate allowance program will give you a higher priority and can cut down on the time it takes for the entire process.

The Advantage of Asbestos Trust Compensation

Of the examples listed above, the most popular is trust fund claims. The reason for this is that asbestos trust fund claims are often settled outside of court without needing to file a lawsuit, they are an easier process overall, and they are often the fastest way to receive compensation. Fideicomisos de asbesto are funds designated by asbestos companies to pay for people who have been injured by asbestos. At the present time, there are still over $30 billion in unused funds, which accounts for nearly 40% of funding.

“La evidencia general sugiere que no existe un nivel seguro de exposición al asbesto”. no hay nivel seguro de exposición al asbesto."

Fuente: Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NIH)2

Professional Support is Within Reach

However, asbestos trusts are not blank checks. These trusts still require evidence of exposición al asbesto and an asbestos-related illness. This is what highlights the benefit of having a dedicated asbestos attorney at your side to fight for you. Asbestos attorneys can help walk you through the entire process of filing a claim, and they can negotiate to ensure that the compensation you receive for your illness is fair.

¿Califica usted para una compensación?

Descubra rápida y fácilmente cómo estuvo expuesto buscando en WARD, la base de datos de asbesto más grande del planeta.


W.A.R.D.: The Largest Asbestos Info Database on the Planet

The Benefits of W.A.R.D: Researching your family’s exposure

One of the first places to start is by using the best research tools available, such as the worldwide asbestos research database (W.A.R.D). If you are suspicious of your workplace or that of a loved one, this is a great place to start in order to find documentation or a legal history tied to a specific workplace. 

Contact An Asbestos Attorney Today

Asbestos attorneys can be a crucial support system in the entire process of dealing with an asbestos illness, regardless of whether you pursue a lawsuit or not. Even in the case of trust fund claims, asbestos attorneys are able to help you compile the evidence needed and fight for you to ensure that you receive the compensation you need. 

Best of all, there is no risk involved. In fact, asbestos attorneys will only get paid if you do. Simply put, there is no upfront cost or stipulations. The first and best course of action is to reach out to the professionals at With their help, compensation may be easier and faster than you imagined.


Para Justinian C. Lane, obtener una indemnización por las víctimas del asbesto es algo personal.

Los abuelos de Justiniano y su padre trabajaron con asbesto en su juventud y murieron de cánceres relacionados con el asbesto en sus últimos años.  

En el momento de cada una de sus muertes, nadie en la familia de Justiniano sabía que eran elegibles para presentar una demanda por asbesto y buscar una compensación de los fideicomisos de asbesto.

Debido a que nadie en la familia de Justiniano conocía sus opciones, nunca recibieron compensación alguna por la muerte de sus seres queridos. 

If you believe that you or your family member’s injury was related to asbestos exposure, you could be entitled to compensación significativa.

Este es dinero que podría usar para cubrir los costos de los servicios de remoción de asbesto, pagar el tratamiento médico y proteger de manera preventiva su bienestar físico. 

There are also asbestos trusts that offer compensation much more quickly and easily (without filing a lawsuit.)

Si desea ayuda para presentar un reclamo, ponerse en contacto por correo electrónico a [email protected]  o llámenos o envíenos un mensaje de texto al (833) 4-ASBESTOS (427-2378) o (206) 455-9190. Escucharemos su historia y le explicaremos sus opciones. Y nunca cobramos por nada a menos que reciba dinero en su bolsillo.

Además de demandas legales, discapacidad de veteranos, seguridad social y protección del empleo como compensación de trabajadores, FELA y La ley de Jones para los trabajadores marítimos, hay fideicomisos de asbesto que se han establecido para indemnizar a los perjudicados por el asbesto sin tener que presentar una demanda.

No hay riesgo ni costo para hablar con uno de nuestro personal sobre su litigio de asbesto. No hay cargos a menos que reciba dinero.

Si tiene preguntas o inquietudes adicionales relacionadas con el asbesto, visite nuestro sitio web y página de YouTube para ver videos, infografías y respuestas a sus preguntas sobre el asbesto, incluida la salud y la seguridad, prueba de asbesto, la eliminación del asbesto de su hogar y edificio, y información legal sobre la compensación por lesiones de asbesto.

Presentamos la base de datos de información sobre asbesto más grande del planeta.

W.A.R.D, que significa Base de datos de investigación mundial sobre el asbesto, ayuda a los clientes a determinar cuándo y dónde pueden haber estado expuestos, así como qué productos aún pueden contener asbesto. WARD también ayudará a indicar los tipos de compensación ya cuánto puede tener derecho una persona.

1 Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NIH) Hoja informativa sobre asbesto.
2 Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NIH), Hoja informativa sobre asbesto.